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SMARTworks® EffectiveWorkflow

Accelerate Forms Design

Use this cloud-based, workflow management software application which provides healthcare organizations with a single repository for all document types to manage the required workflow and policy for ongoing modifications of content and designs.

Streamline healthcare approval workflows. Request a workflow management software demo.

Make the Move

Virtualize the Forms Committee

Tired of the manual, paper-based process used to develop and approve forms? The traditional forms committee is an outdated way to manage content and workflow. Try workflow management software. SMARTworks EffectiveWorkflow offers a better, more efficient approach. Consider the move from a forms committee to a content committee to:

  • Accelerate forms design
  • Enhance communication among committee members
  • Ensure standardization of content
  • Protect the brand

Download Case Study to See How to Improve Forms Review and Turnaround Time

Manage Change

Initiate eForms and Track Revisions

With workflow management software, healthcare organizations can now manage changes to existing forms while easily initiating the development of new forms with a simple electronic-based system. The end-to-end process streamlines management, design and accountability.

  • Access an eForm and submit via the web
  • Jumpstart a pre-defined electronic workflow
  • Route tasks and documents to the appropriate owner(s)
  • Track progress and manage versions

See How to Automate the Design and Maintenance of Forms

Delivering Documentation

Content in a Sustainable Manner

Managing a healthcare organization’s clinical and administrative content is more complex than ever. Take advantage of a system with:

  • Predefined members and processes: Establish roles, approval hierarchy and processes
  • Workflow efficiency: Email routing of tasks to all members
  • Media Neutral: Manage all of an organization’s content
  • Flexibility: Add users, manage permissions and modify roles as necessary

View the Video to See How to Transform Forms Management

Product Description

SMARTworks EffectiveWorkflow is a cloud-based technology which provides healthcare organizations with a single repository for all document types to manage the required workflow and policy for ongoing modifications of content and designs. The system electronically routes information, documents, tasks, and their associated decision options from one user to another streamlining communication and accelerating forms management.

“Communication among healthcare team members influences the quality of working relationships, job satisfaction and profoundly impacts patient safety.”

Institute for Healthcare Communication, Impact of Communication in Healthcare

Features and Benefits

Version Management

Version Management

Establish a governance model that holds process owners accountable and assists healthcare organizations in version control and management to:

  • Develop a source of truth for content
  • Create an audit trail of past work
  • Ensure branding consistency
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Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Use the system’s Optical Character Recognition capabilities to quickly access and pinpoint content with certain keywords or characteristics to:

  • Save the organization's time
  • Determine version history
  • Edit existing documentation
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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Healthcare documentation and standardization expertise to assess the current environment and recommend a path to future sustainable success, including:
  • 80 years of healthcare experience
  • 250+ healthcare professionals
  • Specialization in documentation collection and analyses
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Key Markets

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Acute Care

Knowing the regulatory and legislative demands healthcare faces, Taylor Healthcare offers a robust portfolio of product, services and technologies to improve communications across the continuum of care.
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With experience in engaging health plan members and collaborating with employers and providers, Taylor Healthcare is a valued resource to enhance communication initiatives for managed care organizations.
Long-term care

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