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Patient Sleep Kits

Improve HCAHPS Scores

With a better night's sleep, patients can heal faster. Anyone who has stayed at a hospital knows the beeping monitors, the pagers and phones, the hallway chatter, the roommate, and even the squeaky laundry carts all make for a not-so-restful place to heal.

Help patients rest. Request a sleep kit sample.

Sweet ZzzzZzzz's

Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep helps the mind and body rejuvenate, especially when recovering from an illness or surgery. With the Patient Sleep Kits, hospitals can help:
  • Improve HCAHPS scores
  • Improve care at the bedside
  • Increase brand awareness
Additionally, hospital noise reduction can positively impact CMS reimbursements and patient satisfaction.

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Branded Comfort

Make a Lasting Impression

From a comprehensive portfolio of branded merchandise, healthcare providers can select pre-packaged kits or customize items like:
  • Promotional sleep masks
  • No-skid socks
  • Blankets
  • Earplugs
  • Headphones
  • Stuffed animals
  • Hand sanitizer

Request A Sleep Kit Sample

Positive Association

Power of Good Experiences

Patients receiving branded items that make their in-room experience more pleasant are more likely to correlate their positive experiences to the provider's brand. Choose from a pre-defined kit or create a custom kit:

  • Pediatric kit
  • Maternity kit
  • Breast cancer kit
  • Cardiovascular kit
  • Long-term care kit

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Product Description

Sleep Kits contain the necessities to reduce hospital noise and help patients relax during a stressful hospital stay, leading to a better night’s rest. Most sleep kits are packaged with common sleep aids such as ear plugs or a promotional sleep mask that reinforce the healthcare organization’s brand.

“Quietness of Hospital Environment consistently receives the lowest HCAHPS scores – 20 percent lower than the overall average.”
According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Features and Benefits

SMARTworks® eCommerce

SMARTworks® eCommerce

Facilitate communication with key stakeholders with this cloud-based, web to print application that seamlessly routes orders to a Taylor Healthcare print center or selected printer. Establish a storefront to manage:

  • Print orders
  • Procurement costs
  • Brand assets
Standardize Procurement
Healthcare Promotional Marketing

Healthcare Promotional Marketing

Celebrate healthcare observances and drive brand awareness with an enterprise promotional marketing program. Grow your brand by creating branded treasures for these events:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness in October
  • American Diabetes Month in November
  • Flu Season from November to February
Engage Patients and Staff
Design Services

Design Services

From a traditional form to a customized campaign, uphold brand consistency and deliver aesthetic communications with:

  • Ideation for campaigns, internal communications and promotional items
  • Forms design and e-forms applications
  • Custom labels, forms, posters, training and branded merchandise
Contact Design Sales

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