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Hospital Wristbands

Assure Patient Safety and Comfort

Positively identify patients in Admissions, Emergency, Outpatient and Maternity with stock and custom hospital wristbands designed to communicate essential patient information.

Keep patients safe. Request a patient wristband sample.

Laser Focus

Positive Patient Identification

More and more organizations want to build and sustain a foundation for safer, more cost-effective care. Improve patient safety and operational efficiency, while meeting requirements with positive patient identification.

  • Stock and custom alert and patient identification wristbands
  • Laser, direct thermal and non-laser formats
  • Durable, flexible and skin-friendly
  • Adults, children and infants sizes
  • SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise technology
  • Patient demographics, photos and bar codes

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Single-Tab Wristbands

Keep Patients Safe, Nurses Happy

Apply patient identification wristbands in 3 easy steps
In three steps, accurately display vital information with wristbands that withstand repeated exposure to moisture, alcohol, and hand sanitizers.
  • Latex-free, ergonomic print-peel-apply design
  • Single adhesive closure for faster application
  • 10% longer (extenders not required)
  • 6x more security slits
  • No fold-over laminate, wrinkles or folds that trap bacteria, impair patient information

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A Proven Approach

Consolidate and Save

Committing to minimizing patient identification and safety errors, more and more health systems are evaluating their hospital wristband and label programs. Consider a proven program designed to consolidate vendors, facilitate process improvements, and standardize procurement. The program helps organizations:

  • Drive patient safety and minimize costs
  • Promote Positive Patient ID
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce communication errors

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Product Description

Taylor Healthcare offers a wide selection of stock and custom alert and patient identification wristbands for adults, children and infants. Formats include laser, non-laser, and direct thermal. Taylor Healthcare wristbands are durable to withstand the rigors of a hospital environment, yet flexible and skin-friendly for patient comfort. The collection works with a wide variety of document automation applications, including SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise.

“Our number one reason for implementing SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise was to improve accuracy of patient identification. The photo provides a third identifier. We initially thought we might encounter some resistance, but our patients have accepted it without reservation. When they see the bar codes and the pictures, they know we are serious about patient safety.”
Patient Access Director, West Coast Medical Center

Features and Benefits

Admission Wristbands

Streamline the registration process and positively identify patients with admission wristbands that are merged with patient photos and demographics.

  • Wavy-design ensures comfort
  • Fast and easy application
  • Save time
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
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SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise

With this rules based engine that merges patient demographic information, healthcare providers can route data to 3rd party systems and print patient wristbands to improve:

  • Document workflow
  • Patient safety & experience
  • Data integrity
  • Operational efficiency
See How to Transform Documentation
Labor and Delivery wristbands

Labor and Delivery

Ensure patient safety with an extensive line of parental and infant wristbands. Items are designed to be soft on a newborn baby’s skin but tough enough to avoid rips.    

  • Assure patient comfort
  • Prevent Code Pink
  • Reduce communication errors
  • Establish positive patient identification
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