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Franchise Marketing

Energize Franchise Local Marketing

With SMARTworks, a cloud-based content distribution management platform, franchisors can more effectively deliver tools and marketing services that improve local success for the franchisee.

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The Right Formula

Connect Zors and Zees for a Better Customer Experience

All franchises use distribution, technology, and tactics to execute branding and marketing initiatives. The first step to creating the right formula is to understand the current mix. Distribution is the location and type of units and the people involved in marketing including franchisor operations, franchisor marketing, franchisee owners, and franchisee managers. To execute successful local franchise marketing, while measuring compliance and brand consistency on a national level, franchises must create the right formula of Distribution, Technology, and Tactics – DT2.

The Right Preparation

Taming Chaos: Creating Materials for 7,000+ Sales Reps

Even for Sprint, a billion dollar FORTUNE 100 company, globalization and localization make it difficult to drive messages and capture attention while preserving the brand. “Marketing gone wild” is how Mark Rexroat, Director of Retail Communications and Marketing Services for Sprint, used to describe it. Our Sales Enablement solution powered by SMARTworks provided:
  • Secure web application
  • Customized marketing materials
  • Sales materials, emails, PowerPoints
  • Sales rep adoption up 700% in Y1
  • Communications expense, down 40%

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The Right Technology

Top Challenges Measuring Content's Effectiveness

Pressure is mounting. Recent research by ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing finds that only one in four marketers is able to measure the contribution of their content marketing to the business. As the marketing responsibilities continue to expand, it’s not acceptable to be unable to justify impact. Industry expert Ardath Albee addresses the top challenges that marketers face while trying to meet growing content demands and the need for accountability which include:

  • Lack of visibility into content use
  • Maintaining brand consistency
  • Collateral and promotional products management

Read the Top Challenges Whitepaper by Ardath Albee

Browse Capabilities

SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

With over 1 million users and 10,000 orders a day, SMARTworks® is a platform for managing content that directly connects with back-end operations for production and cross-channel distribution online and offline. Features include:
  • Flexible and configurable platform
  • CRM integration and reporting features
  • Dynamic/variable template options
  • Approval process and workflow
Power-up Productivity with SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform

Marketing Solutions

In this fast paced, ever-changing business climate, the marketer's role is increasingly significant. The quest for effective, innovative and personalized ways to reach customers is often overshadowed by the daily demands. Whether online, offline or on-product, there is now a single source that:

  • Manages the process
  • Produces and distributes the materials
  • Tracks the deliveries
  • Measures the results
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ProfileOne Local Distribution


The ProfileOneSM Point-of-Purchase (POP) enablement software manages the details of location information and item attributes so marketers can precisely match to campaign needs. Don't face these problems anymore:
  • Missing or damaged materials
  • Late shipments
  • Excessive freight costs
  • Incorrectly sized signage
  • Poor execution by local staff
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Offerings to Current Franchise Customers

Promotional Marketing

Promotional Marketing

Engage your audience with branded merchandise that delivers results.
local marketing

Sales Enablement

Centrally manage brand assets and marketing materials, while enabling distributed channels and franchises to connect locally online and offline.
print management -- vivid color, fast pace

Print Management

Streamline print workflow with technology, procurement and a dedicated team, while delighting customers with vivid marketing. Increase efficiencies and improve effectiveness.
in-store point of puchase

In-Store Point-of-Purchase

Propel revenue with end-to-end in-store solutions that wow shoppers, boost sales, and advance the brand.
Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Simplify data management across the proliferation of marketing technologies. And turn insight into action with powerful, relevant conversations across every channel and device.
CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Increase message relevancy to grow the right customer and prospects with a single view into customer interactions. 


Consistently deliver on-time and within budget. We are the experienced, single point of contact for all event needs:
  • Printing, sourcing and kitting
  • Distribution and delivery


Launch emails, enable sales teams or develop sophisticated cross-channel marketing campaigns, we offer full end-to-end support to meet email marketing needs.

Direct Mail

Send a postcard, a 3-dimensional campaign or a sophisticated cross-channel direct marketing campaign. Our proven strategies and approaches achieve direct marketing goals.


From basic on-shelf items to on-demand kits, we assemble components from warehoused inventory, materials customers provide and/or variable items printed on-demand.

Market Focus

Personal Services

Create marketing plans that incorporate the personal touch and attention in franchised personal services like elder and child care, healthcare, and education.

Commercial and Residential Services

Develop marketing materials that go beyond the four walls of a franchise for commercial and residential services like plumbing, electrical, and professional painting.

Business Services

From one business to another there are consistent needs like staffing, accounting, and logistics. Work with a company that understands the needs for franchise B2B marketing.