standard register innovation



Our 100-year-old company has a heritage of innovation. We invest in innovative, industry-leading technology and solutions that advance our customers’ reputations.

Customer Quality

With 100 years of continuous operation and a 97 percent customer retention rate, it’s evident that quality is core to our foundation. Everyone is accountable for flawless execution, every day, every way.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by being responsible stewards. We advance not only our customers’ reputations, but our own through certifications, waste and resource management.

Security & Compliance

Standard Register has taken a proactive role to protect your reputation and keep your business safe. Through our integrated technology solutions, we ensure that the proper controls and safeguards are in place to maintain the confidentiality of your data.


Safety is fundamental to our culture; it’s a theme that permeates our thinking, innovation and solutions. We begin all internal and external meetings with a safety discussion to ensure we focus on its importance.


Health and wellness is a priority for Standard Register. We encourage employees to develop healthier habits by providing education and opportunities to participate in health initiatives.


“Many of the products we brought to bear over the last 20 years are not relevant anymore. But what is relevant, is the foundation of what we do. That’s why our customers want us to be different; we help them achieve success through new avenues – advancing their reputation.”

Joe Morgan | CEO | Standard Register

Balance, Transformation and Leverage

Standard Register’s leadership is based on a few simple beliefs. BALANCE. Balance between breakthrough technology and proven processes. Balance between extensive employee knowledge and the specialized expertise of partners. Balance between big bold moves and small bets. TRANSFORMATION. Transforming from our first 100 years into the next century. Transforming from product providers to problem solvers. Transforming from paper centric to media independent. LEVERAGE. Leverage modern solutions with endless innovation. Leverage recognized performance with loyal customers and new business. Leverage industry intelligence with market expertise. Together these principles are the foundation for Standard Register’s success.

Our Customers